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RDWY Connection

What Is RDWY Connection?

Redway (RDWY) Connection is a program ran by Redway Brands Group allowing other 3rd party sellers to sell Redway owned labels in their stores and online platforms. RDWY Connection will allow these 3rd party sellers to sell popular Redway owned labels including Tree Republic and Foreverlend. Request a quote today to start selling Redway owned labels today! 

Redway Fit/ REDWAY Shoes

Why Use RDWY Connection

  • Get well known Redway labels in your store(s)

  • Don't break the bank buying inventory for your business

  • We offer a variety of products from apparel to office supplies

  • Price ranges for all business needs 

  • Billing plans to best fit you

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How do I get the products/brands I want?

After you request a qoute a member of our RDWY Connection team will contact you to not only give you a price but they will also communicate with you on what you are looking for and what is you budget.

What kind of budget will I need?

It depaends, RDWY Connection offers numerous billing and dropshipping plans to help the businesses thrive. Redway offers a dropshipping service for all online businesses, so the only thing you have to do is notify us and we'll do the rest.

How do I order more product?

There are numerous ways how you can order more products for your store, you can either email us at or you can visit our offical page on for more help!

RDWY Connection



How Can We Help?

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