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About Us

WE ARE REDWAY! Since 2017 it has been Redway's mission to provide great quality products & do it the right way, everyday. We have grown so much since 2017, today we operate in 7 countries with numerous brands under our name.

Who We Are

Redway was founded on January 15th, 2017 in Corona California. We started off as a handmade pillows and blankets company, today we are an e-commerce giant offering products from apparel to jewelry to furniture. We have grown a lot since we first opened and we want to thank all for our amazing customers around the globe for shopping with us!

2017-2019: Red Tag Pillows Co.

2019-2020: Redway Brands Incorporated Group

2020-Current: Redway Brands Group

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Our logos 2017-Current
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What We Do

Redway has come a long way since we first opened, we have become not only an e-commerce company but so much more. We were able to expand into entertainment, software operations, and manufacturing. Today we are able to offer our customers name brand products they know and love and even shop our well known consumer branded products including Tree Republic and Foreverlend.

Outside our main operations we also offer our donation service Redway Cares, Redway Cares allows us to help the communities we serve. Together we are able to make a difference in the communities we serve.

Redway also offers a number of services including watch repair, website operations, RDWY Connection, Redway Rewards  programs, plus so much more. We offer these services to not only make it convenient for you but to help you save money.

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